Is Now the Right time to Start a Dropshipping Business?

With the current epidemic slowly dawning upon us by the day, its no wonder more and more people now feel anxious, nervous, scared and uncertain about what to do. It is very common to feel demotivated and unsure whether to start a drop shipping business now or carry on with your existing business. So in today’s article we’ve curated a few reasons why his could be the best time to start your drop shipping business.

1. People Shopping More Online

With almost every store now closing down, guess where everyone is running to shop for products – ONLINE. Now this is where your drop shipping business comes in handy.  Post offices are still working and suppliers are still shipping out orders at the backend – they just aren’t open for people to shop in store. People may be staying at home, but there are still family gatherings, birthdays, barbecues going on – but just at home this time meaning people still need clothes to look good for those pictures and memories.

2. You Can Work from Home

Unlike most businesses that require a physical store to operate which is impossible right now, you as a drop shipping business can operate right from the comfort of your own home. No need to go out there trying to sell products in a physical store thereby meaning your drop shipping business remains unaffected.

3. No Need to Handle Inventory

Another advantage of drop shipping is the fact that you do not physically need to hold or ship out inventory yourself. This means when a customer buys through your website, you simply pass their order to the supplier who then fulfils and ships out products directly to your customers. Again this means your business remains unaffected as you do not physically need to leave the comfort of your home to ship out products.

So as you can see, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from starting your drop shipping business right now. In fact if anything, now is the perfect time to tap into this opportunity at a time where more and more people are now shopping online, with less competition from offline businesses and stores.

Ready to Start Your Dropshipping Business?

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