Drop shipping Mistakes to Avoid when Starting An Online Boutique

Drop shipping is a very cost effective way of sourcing inventory as it requires no initial hefty financial costs. You simply find a few suppliers you want to work with, list their products for sale on your website (listing a higher price), a customer buys from your website, you pass their details to the supplier who then process and ship the products directly to the customer, whilst you keep the profits.

The key problems with drop shipping however usually revolve around the quality of the products your customers will receive since you don’t physically handle the inventory, and the long shipping times especially if drop shipping  internationally. So below are a few top tips to help you dropship successfully and avoid these hurdles.

Order Samples from your Supplier

Theres nothing worse than selling products you haven’t personally tried yourself. So if you can, it is best to order a few sample products from your supplier, see how quickly they deliver their products, test the products yourself and see how well they hold up before you list them for sale on your website.

Use Different Suppliers

Another problem with drop shipping is a customer placing an order on your website and then you realising that the product is sold out on the suppliers website.  It usually helps if you have a few suppliers on board selling similar products just incase a product is sold out with one you can always use another.

Read Product Reviews

Another great way to avoid any drop shipping mistakes is to check product reviews especially when using Aliexpress for drop shipping.  Make sure ratings are 4.3 and above before you commit to dropshipping with them.

Use Tracked Shipping

Make sure your supplier offers shipment with tracking. This means that both you and your customers can tell where your products are at every given time. And most importantly if any happens such as package being lost in the mail, you can easily query this with the supplier on behalf of your customer,etc.

Be Clear About Shipping Times

Be clear and transparent to your customers about shipping times. Let you customers know well in advance how long shipping will take. And also remind them of this when they purchase from you in-order to avoid any headaches. Most people usually wont have an issue with this especially if the products you sell are bomb and rare where they live. Doing so will avoid any future headaches.

How To Get Started

So now we’ve explored the drop shipping mistakes to avoid, you are probably wondering how to get started with drop shipping. If you are looking for a great way to start your drop shipping business, then Dropship finds offers you readymade websites preloaded with products ready to start selling in these niches. We also offer you a list of Dropshipping Suppliers to start selling and fulfilling your orders instantly. Why not browse our shop to view our website templates, pick a website of your choice and let us create your drop shipping business for you. Get started by CLICKING HERE.

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